Chief Cuauhtemoc Mosqueda Temok

Chief Cuauhtemoc Mosqueda Temok

 He was born in Tenochtitlan, Mexico. 

In 1975 he began to dance, he has the title of Captain, in the Mesa De Santiago, Zapotitlan del General Hermoso Jimenez (RIP).

 In 1978 he danced in the Zócalo with the Tloke Nahuake group, being the first to dance there in a cultural way.

 In 1986 he formed the first Dance Kalpulli called Huehuekoyotl.

 He studies Archeology in Mexico, he has been a school teacher from elementary to high school, both in Mexico and in the United States. 

He has a master's degree in general history from the University of Colorado. He has participated in numerous ceremonies with Mexikas, as well as with natives from the North of the United States.

 He participated for several years in the so-called "Dance of the Sun", next to the medicine man and tutor Harry Charger (RIP) as well as with Robert Cross, leader of the Sun Dance.

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